ANAFOTOS is an exploration and evolution process through photography.

With her I explore intimate moments, moments of connection, moments inbetween the subjects, inbetween nature, moments of communion with light, moments of contrast.

My focus is on capturing the honest, the weird, the funny, the imperfect… the beauty.

I look for a photography that shake us, that remind us of something deeper within ourselves. An image that guide us, move us… and tells us her story.

I explore living the photo, creating a collection of unique and unrepeatable moments of plenitude, of intensity. Of those moments that make us feel full of energy, of that
energy that emerges from I don’t know where… that seems infinite and that makes us believe that we can accomplish anything!

I like to call it my Intuitive Photography and I would love to share it with you.


All pictures and texts in this website are taken and written by me.
(Unless otherwise specified).
Please respect copyright.