Glamour Portraits – Tere


What a wonderful experience!!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

I never imagined that doing something like this would open, re-open or finish opening

that feminine side of me that I left behind when I was a workaholic!

 Glamour Tere 1

I want to thank you because your energy on the photo shoot made all the difference. I didn’t know what to expect,

 I only knew that am good at following directions and that I was willing to give you my 100%…

What a present you gave me back when I began to discover this whole other part of myself…

 Gmalour Tere 2

I think it was in different moments along the shoot… they might seem trivial for other people but they where key moments in my experience:

feeling the fan on my face blowing my hair…, the makeup, the outfits and when you showed me my first picture…

but above all this to see you giving me precise directions with such peace and calm,

to see that you and your camera were one…

 Glamour Tere 3

Thank you for making me look so good, and for making me see myself so good.

Thanks for helping me that day to let go, to flow and to trust in you and me.

 Glamour Tere 3

I am sure that with your photography you will be able to help other women to reconnect themselves

with that feminine side that now a days is so easily forgotten.